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Our Summer 2015 Scholarship Winners :

12 & Under: Shaeleigh Person from SC attends Columbia City Jazz. Congrats Shaeleigh and keep up the hard work!


Scholarship # G-1  2014

Groove National Finals for Graduating Seniors

$250.00 scholarship +  Matching Gift from GROOVE = $500.00


      Scholarship Opportunity - July 2014 

Scholarship # G-2 2014

Groove National Finals Attendees

$250.00 scholarship +  Matching Gift from GROOVE = $500.00

The Dancer's Dream Fund has teamed up with various Fundraising Partners with many special promotions available! From Scrapbooking your old dance photos to beautiful, professional photo shoots for your dancer. Click Here to see what's available all while helping support our charitable mission.


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Groove National Finals 2015 Scholarship Winners: Ana Paula from Greater Boston School of Dance (L) and Logan from Fusion Dance Force (R) Congrats!

Congratulations, GINA  D. from THE DANCE WORKSHOP,  Monroe  CT

      Scholarship Winners 

4th Annual Dream.....Dance Intensive

​09/10/2017 9am-2pm

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National Finals Scholarship 2015 Winners 

​Atlantic City, NJ

Congratulations, Kara C. from DANCE MIXX,  Shrewsbury, NJ  


Music & Movement Program


Nia Shand (Temple University, Center for the Arts)

Scholarship # W-SR- $250.00 scholarship

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the Performing Arts.

13 & up: Adoralee Silva from MA attends New England Dance Academy.  All of us at The DDF admire you and your perseverance! Stay strong and DANCE ON! 


Carmela Alessio (The ViiBe Dance Center, Ridgefield, NJ)

Scholarship # W-JR - $250.00 scholarship