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Music & Movement Program

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Mission Statement

Miss Mia C. - Dance Dimensions, New Milford, NJ -  Mia assisted Miss Ashley  with THE DDF's Music and Movements Program last summer. Music and Movements is a program for kids with special needs. Mia also perform with the Dancers Dream Fund Troupe. She has been a girl scout for 6 years and with the Girl Scouts she have visited nursing homes and does art projects with the elderly.  On November 27 held a blood drive. In the summer of 2016 Mia has signed up to volunteer with the Special Olympics. Congratulations on winning this award Mia! We are very proud of you.

Miss Kaelyn  K - Rising Stars Dance Acadamy,  North Providence, RI - During the summer Kaelyn and her mom volunteered to be a part of cleaning up housing projects and the playground area for the kids that live there. Kaelyn also volunteers at church  taking the trash out after service in the kids area and helps clean and wipe down tables.  Kaelyn really loves  school and all her classes. She is in the 5th grade and studies science, math, social studies and also does karate as part of her curriculum. Kaelyn also participates in YWCA after school program.  Kaelyn is a good student and her favorite subject is language arts, because she likes to write.  All of us at The DDF are excited to welcome you to our program Kaelyn!

"Accelerate Academy" (which provides tutoring for low income families) Mission Music (which raises money for school instruments for those that can't afford them) and soon Cara will be assisting with The Dancer's Dream Fund Music & Movement Program for children with special needs. We are very excited to welcome Cara as our first 2015 Adopt-A-Dancer winner and to our organization.

Cara considers herself optimistic, motivated and outgoing. She is a High Honor Student and since she was a young child has always dreamed of being a dancer. Cara spends her time outside the studio participating in many different charitable programs including

Miss Cara J - Dance Dimensions,

New Milford, NJ

Our 2016/2017 Adoptees:

Congratulations to the following Adopt-A-Dancer award recipients. Their commitment to give back to their community and strive to be an overall good & kind person has scored them the highest of all our applicants.

& Julia's Butterflies (a local organization that helps families with sick children),. Jessica also is a member of many clubs such as C.A.R.E, Go Green Club, Culture Club and  SAMS Club. Jessica has a deep love of dance and performing, she has been with MSOD for over 7 years and currently dances for The Genesis Dance Project, a performance team that entertains at senior residences, care facilities and competes on the regional tour occasionally. The Dancer's Dream Fund is extremely proud to have Jessica as an adoptee.

graders at her home studio here in New Milford. Allie has also joined our Dream Team Performance Troupe and looks forward to putting a smile on people's face with dance. We are very excited to have Allie as an adoptee as well as part of our dance team.

Miss Jessica P.

Mariann's School of Dance, Paramus, NJ

Jessica, as described by Mariann Paul of Mariann's School of Dance "truly has a heart of gold and always puts others first. This dependable, kind and helpful young lady is beyond her years."  We are proud to say Jessica has a long list of accomplishments and volunteer work including being an active Girl Scout for 7 years, working with special needs children and actively participating in her Parish. Caring for others is a deep passion of Jessica's and she finds comfort in doing so. Other organizations that Jessica is or has been involved with include Camp Snowflake, The Butterfly Ball

Miss Alexandra W.

Dance Dimensions, New Milford, NJ

"Allie", as she is know by friends and family is a very hardworking, determined and conscientious young lady. Her determination to do well at school, ( a straight A student) Allie has been awarded "Student of the Week" numerous times by school administrators and teachers, an accomplishment she is very proud of.  Allie loves to dance and gives back to her community in various ways. Most notably she assists preschool- 2nd

Reyshelle "gives back" to her community by volunteering through various programs offered by her township. One program in particular that Reyshelle is involved with is North Bergen Emergency Relief Program. Reyshelle helps collect food donations for the program which helps families in need throughout the town. Reyshelle loves to dance, dedicated and wants to improve her technique as she grows. We are thrilled to have awarded her with funding to assist her.

Reyshelle considers herself to be a compassionate person. She is respectful to her elders, teachers and friends. She is also a very kind person that loves to share. She is helpful to her classmates and teachers by always listening and raising her hand when she wants to ask a question. Her teacher and classmates nominated Reyshelle for Student of the Month in May 2014 and received The Citizenship Award in recognition of her exemplary behavior and valuable services rendered to her school.

Miss Reyshelle R.

The ViiBe Dance Center, Ridgefield, NJ

Meet our 2014 Adoptees:

Adopt-A-Dancer Grant Program