4th Annual Dream.....Dance Intensive

​09/10/2017 9am-2pm

(February 2015)~~The Dancer’s Dream Fund is a non-profit organization formed by 4 Dance Moms that want to give back to their community.  Our mission: Supporting individuals and organizations with their love of dance and the performing arts   helps define our desire for assisting disadvantaged kids, teens and adults in various ways through developing programs, grants, scholarships, low cost or free workshops and educational seminars, fundraising opportunities and so much more. 

I am President and founder of The Dancer’s Dream Fund Monica Byrne. A dance mom for 15 years I had struggled financially to keep my daughter Jessica part of an elite dance competition team. As a single mom with no support from Jessica’s biological father I worked hard fundraising for the dance team and picking up various jobs to keep Jessica in an environment that has helped form her into the kind, compassionate and smart young lady she is today. When Jess’ days of being a part of the team were coming to an end I had a strong desire to continue the hard work and asked my fellow fundraising committee members (and dance moms) if they would like to continue with our success at fundraising, but now doing it for the community.

After a year of meetings, planning and research the 4 of us Dance Moms and current Board of Trustees, myself, Yuko Motoki, Melissa Tarantino and Terryann Schwiederek presented The Dancer’s Dream Fund to the community in April 2014. With a combined excess of 2000 hours of volunteer work we had raised several thousand dollars its first few months alone and began developing various programs and partnerships to help those that needed assistance to continue their dance and performing arts education.

Within three months of announcing the organization, The Dancer’s Dream Fund awarded $1500 in scholarships to qualified individuals! Currently the Dancer’s Dream Fund is launching two specific programs with another in research and development.

First, the Adopt–A Dancer Grant Program allows us the opportunity to work with studio directors in assisting a child financially who, for whatever reason is in need. The program encourages the child to “give back” however possible (volunteering, acts of kindness, assisting others, etc.) and we, the non-profit help the child financially.

Second, our Performance Troupe, This fun, pressure free program allows kids to entertain at community events, senior & veteran's residences or anywhere else we can put a smile on someone's face. Our Dream Team members also take part in charitable events on behalf of other organizations and our own charitable fundraising. We also encourage our troupe members to be creative in choreography and decision making as to help them explore their own personal skills.

Coming in  Spring/Summer 2015, is our Movement & Music Program.
Our Music & Movement Program is an integrative arts enrichment program serving the special needs community.  It is designed to work in strengthening and toning areas for overall stability, posture and in some cases improvement in speech.  Students will participate in stretching and movement in a fun upbeat group.  We will work to develop motor skills with the use of musical instruments as well as arts and crafts projects.  The DDF will provide one-to-one shadows if specific students require such..

Additionally we will be partnering up with several National Dance Conventions this season in awarding scholarships to local financially challenged individuals so we may assist them with their continued dance education. Fundraising, various events and contributions is what funds our programs. Your tax deductible donation to The Dancer’s Dream Fund will go to helping fund these programs and keeping the dream alive.

On behalf of The Board of Trustees and myself thank you for your continued support.


Monica Byrne


A Message from the President


Music & Movement Program

September 30th, 2015, 

As The DDF begins it's next fiscal year I am so grateful for the outpouring of support we have received from so many individuals, organizations, studio directors, convention & competitions companies and most recently the business partners at Peak Performing Arts Studio. They have generously opened their studio to us to run our events, programs and fundraisers and all of us at The DDF can't express what that means to us and how grateful we are.  This means more funds will go directly to the causes we support because of the savings in rental fees.

We are also so very excited about the expansion of our Performance Troupe with it's new partnership with Reach Out Inc., a noteworthy, charitable organization founded by Lori Michaels 25 years ago. Be sure to read about this here and contact us or Lori directly at 201-520-6200 if you would like more information. 

We are happy to say that our Music & Movement program for individuals with special needs is underway and enrollment is ongoing (and free). 

As the year progresses we will continue to offer scholarships and grants to qualified individuals as funds become available so be sure to check our website often for opportunities.

I want to thank my Board of Trustee members and corporate officers for their thousands of hours of volunteer work they have put in to The DDF. Without them this wouldn't be possible.


Monica Byrne


Mission Statement

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